It’s more than just the web that you need to connect with your customers. Creating print ads for magazines, or designing brochures and calling cards that you can hand out to potential clients help seal the deal too. Build confidence in your client’s relationship by showing them that you are more than a digital carpetbagger.

Below are some select examples of some items we have created for our clients.

Duro Bag Mfg.

Duro Bag Manufacturing is the world’s largest manufacturer of paper bags. With clients that have a global reach such as Macy’s, Starbuck’s, YUM! Foods, Kroger brands and others, Image Genesis is proud to have been involved in several marketing and environmental campaigns over the last decade.

This photo was conceived to be placed on the cover of a brochure for their Foodservice division. The restaurant Burger’s and Fries is completely fictional. This image also has a little surprise that that wasn’t used in the final version – can you tell what that is?

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Duro Bag Mfg.

This is a design that we created for Duro’s 100% Recycled Paper Bag, the first bag in North America to be made with 100% post-consumer recycled fiber. The Seeding design continues to serve as a brand trademark for Duro pointing to their environmental commitment as a responsible manufacturer of paper bags.

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Duro Bag Mfg

Another project that we completed for Duro was the consolidation of all their products into sell sheets. Sell sheets are sent individually or all together to clients that need more information about the various types of bags that Duro manufactures. This is one of nearly one hundred others that we provided the photography and designed the layout.

View the sellsheet (pdf)

Hatton Research Institute

Another client that we have been happy to work with for a very long time is the Hatton Research Institute, a clinical trial and robotic surgery division of TriHealth. We have created several different visual campaigns for them, ranging from one that targeted the futuristic minimally invasive robotic surgeons like the presentation display on the left to those geared toward non-scientist (next page).

The original size of this poster, that is designed to have other posters tacked onto it, is 40x60 inches.

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Hatton Research Institute

This is the cover of a quad-fold brochure that was passed out at clinical research fairs with the goal of connecting with the community in general, and demonstrating the purpose and mission importance for clinical trials. (A quad fold can be difficult to comprehend when viewing the pdf, if you would like us to mail you a sample of the final brochure, please ask).

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Hatton Research Institute

This presentation dis play is used in the hallways of Good Samaritan and Bethesda North Hospitals. The researchers at Hatton place notices and even clinical research trial findings. (Original size is 36x84 inches)

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Mask US

Mask US is a custom mascot manufacturer that makes wonderfully creative animal and people mascots like you would see in college sports events or amusement parks across the nation. All of Mask US’s mascots are made from molded foam and latex designed to be lightweight and have superior durability.

Image Genesis completed their first ever print and online catalog in which we shot all the photos in an studio that we built in their warehouse, and quite frankly had great fun in designing all the themed artwork in the catalog.

view the full catalog (warning it's big - 18Mb)

Nati's Chili

Nati’s Chili is a new startup here in Cincinnati that is blending spice packs that consumers can use to make homemade Cincinnati-style chili. While the ingredients are a secret, the flavor is well known – and not just in Cincinnati. This is a logo and packaging concept that we designed for them. Yum!

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Sherry Carran

Sherry Carran has been a community activist in Northern KY for many years. In 2006 she decided it was time to step up to the plate and run for Covington City Commissioner, which she won in her first campaign for the position, against a formidable opponent and in a somewhat odd (now abandoned) “ward” voting system. She remained a commissioner until 2012 when she ran for Mayor of Covington – and won.

Image Genesis designed her eye-catching logo and helped her organize her campaign message, which she felt brought her from public obscurity to where she is now in the position to do some real and permanent good for Covington and NKY.

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SuperStars Gallery

SuperStars Gallery sells In-Person obtained Autographs, Limited Editions & PSA/DNA, JSA or GAI Authenticated Signatures, primarilyu on eBay. Additionally, all I/P obtained items comes with a Lifetime Garantee of Authenticity and includes our Premium Numbered COA with a Matching Numbered Sticker affixed to the item.

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Sysco is the global leader in selling, marketing and distributing food products to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, lodging establishments and other customers who prepare meals away from home. Its family of products also includes equipment and supplies for the food service and hospitality industries. This brochure was designed to help their Marketing Associates increase sales for the products listed inside.

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