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What is it, and how does it work?

adLocal is an advertising network which allow local businesses to not only provide a digital signage solution in their place of business but also benefit from a network of advertising in their neighborhoods.

You simply need to purchase our Raspi player which is plugged into any flat panel display using HDMI and powered via USB (nearly all LED or LCD TV's have both plugs built in). Then we connected the Raspi player to your internet connection using with Wi-Fi or Ethernet and it will download the adLocal content.

You will be provided username and passwork to upload the digital content you want to display on your digital signage and designate a nother image that will show on other displays in the network. For every two images of the your content an image from the network will show (playlists refresh once a day).


The benefits are twofold. First the local businesses will be able to reach out to potential clients and customers in their area that they would not have normally been able to reach. Second, they get the benefit of being able to have digital signage in their place of business that isn't solely restricted to their own content. This "breaks up" content and provides a higher degree of attention from the people viewing the images and content.

We have estimated that your ads will reach 100,000 impressions a month (impressions are the number of times your ad is viewed)

Sector Exclusivity

Another important feature is that we offer you exclusivity in your sector of business. This means that your business would be the only one of your kind in the adLocal network – your competition in your region will not be able to join adLocal. There will only be one dentist, one fitness center, one gardening center, one physical therapist, only one of whatever it is that you do. Complete exclusivity!

Not just ads

adLocal may sound like it is restricted to advertising, but that is not the case. Numerous types organizations such as libraries or non-profits can join the network and broadcast announcements about local events and outreach programs. This additional content will enrich the experience of the viewer and provide a greater connection to community.

No lobby, no problem

Some businesses do not have a waiting room or other lobby foot traffic so they would not benefit directly from digital signage, but they can still join the network and benefit from the advertising on the other displays

Growing in your area

adLocal is starting in the Independence and Taylor Mill area, but will rapidly grow into other cities in Northern kentucky and southwest Ohio. As those regions open up our clients will be able to advertise in those areas too. We will gladly share with you when those markets open up.

Contact us today for demo or to discuss the contract lengths and costs.

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