Drone Photography and Videography

Drone photography and videography are all the rage now, and Image Genesis can assist your company in producing high quality photos and polished videos that you can use to promote your company or provide images that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. Below are some video and photos that will give you some ideas of what we can do for you.

Parks in the City of Independence

The City of Independence has five suburban parks throughout the city, this video highlights them from a unique perspective so that its citizens know what a great city they live it, and as a promotional tool to help sway prospective homebuyers into moving there.

Roofing Promotion

Dennis Whitford of Whitford Construction loves taking photos of projects that he works on, but getting a photo of an entire roof would be impossible were it not for us and our drone photography.

Roofing Promotion

Madison Pike Yoga

This video took advantage of a class that the owner of the Yoga studio gave on the lawn in front of the Kenton Co. Courthouse. With warrior poses and even human mandalas this video promotes Stefanie's new business in town with a perspective that that is not easily obtained by traditional methods.

Real Estate Listing

Buying and selling a home can be extremely competitive, and agents spend a lot of time making sure that the photos they use to promote a listing are top notch. Adding aerial images or videos of a home and property elevate the imagery and set agents apart from their competition.

Real Estate Listings

Car Show

Each Fourth of July there is a car show called Cars-n-Pipes that is hosted as a fundraiser for the Independence Business Association and the Moon Brothers Post 275 of the American Legion. Logically paired with the Surfin' Bird soundtrack this video was more fun than work to put together.

What would you like to see from above?

Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss any object, or event (even you!) that you have that you would like to see from up high.